Uber Property

One of the best property listing WordPress plugins on the market today. Period.

For Realtors

Great and priceless tool for those who sell, rent or manage properties for the owners.

For Landlords

It's a Swiss army knife for anyone renting properties online - be it long or short term.

For Developers

WP theme developers can easily build the niche theme around this great plugin.

Key Features

Flexible amenities list

You can make property amenities list as long as you want. No restrictions here. Select only those that suit per property and are really needed. Assign icon per amenity if you want to.

Pre-made layouts

You can simply change/control the layout of both archive and single property template from plugin settings page. Layouts are pre-made, you only have to click on the one you prefer.

Flexible templates

Customize look and feel of property posts for both archive and single template. Show only what you think is necessary, enable or disable different features easily. You are the boss!

Powerful, organic search

Forget about hundreds of checkboxes and confusing options. 2 rooms, 1 bath, wi-fi, Pensacola will work perfectly. Zip code only? Yes! Any other amenity combo? Sure!

Property rating

Allow visitors to rate properties, it helps others to make a better choice when looking for accommodation. This will make your search even more powerful, it's a new search filter!

Google maps

Assign GoogleMap to each property you publish. Preview property location even when on archive pages. Precise marker positioning, custom text inside info-window.

Extra widgets

Two extra widgets to be used with sidebars, footers, page builders or any other widget-ready sections of your website; search and properties carousel. Both customizable.

Content hooks

Enrich or customize all the plugin template files via content hooks! It's easy to prepend or append any type of content to existing one by using your own code or functions.

Replaceable templates

Yes, you can use your own templates in place of existing ones. Uber Property features flexible templating system which allows total freedom of content presentation.

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